Featuring the Best Restaurants in Spain

Spaniards love food. Proof is the slew of restaurants in every nook, cranny, and highway of their beautiful country. Tourists craving for a slice of Spanish life on a platter or in little cups or tazas of steaming chocolate drink should take to the gustatory delights that are definitely Spanish. Get ready to add more inches to your waistline because Spaniards enjoy four meals a day!


Valencia is synonymous with paella. But the culinary expertise of top chefs is not limited to this rice dish. In the Russafa district, you will find Maipi along Maestro Jose Serrano 1. For 40 Euros you can have tapas or lunch for two. Imagine blood sausage and fresh artichoke delicately wrapped in super-thin dough. Or if you are one for fish dishes, try the grilled cod fish flavored with lemon and olive oil mixture.


Balansiya. restaurant-moors

Balansiya. restaurant-moors

Balansiya is a restaurant that keeps the tradition of Moorish influences in local cuisine. This restaurant is parked along Paseo de las Facultades, between Carrer de Ramon Llull and Poeta Artola Calle. The menu offers couscous and Andalusian pasta which is a mix of chicken, nuts and cinnamon. Try the grape leaves with cereal stuffing and the almond mint dressing gives this dish its fantastic reputation. Wash the meal down with a concoction of flowers, fruits, herbs and spices. A full dinner menu charges 20 to 30 Euros per person.

Casa Lucio

Where do the Royals go when they eat out in Madrid? Casa Lucio. The place serves food worthy of its royal guests huevos estrellados or broken eggs over potatoes slowly cooked in olive oil until the edges are crisp and sizzling steak. This is Madrids favorite comfort food. It is robust, tasty and filling. You can find this restaurant in Cava Baja.

Pan de Lujo

Pan de Lujo Mediterranean cuisine

Pan de Lujo Mediterranean cuisine

Pan de Lujo is the meal stop of the well-heeled who favor Mediterranean cuisine. The place shows off modern dining rooms with infused lighting with clean yet bold décor. A glass wall serves as the entrance to a reflecting pool. Whats hot here? The eggplant. It is paper-thin and drizzled with olive oil served up with hummus, poached snapper and crisp baby veggies. The apple tart is homemade but stylish. You shouldnt go there without a reservation. You can find the place in Jorge San Juan


Paella fans flock to Amayra restaurant in Madrid. The place also serves the best of Mediterranean cuisine at affordable prices. The best are the Iberico ham, gazpacho and hake smothered with red prawn sauce. The restaurant is located in Hotel Regina. Its location is ideal for tourists wandering in the busy Alcala district. For a memorable dinner, book your reservations online in advance.

Café Chinitas

In the heart of busy Madrid, Café Chinitas is your place for hearty Spanish meals. This place is on its 40th year. The restaurant gives you a perfect backdrop of an 18th century mansion. The décor boasts of famous Spanish matadors or bullfighters. For entertainment, a fiery flamenco dancer furiously and amorously dances to the strains of a flamenco guitar.

If you want to discover what other restaurants have to offer, put on your walking shoes and bring along a map. You can also check out other restaurants online from credited websites. Spanish restaurants always require advance reservation but you can always drop by those little cozy cafes and restaurants that serve authentic tapas and Spanish wine.